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Angel by L. A. Weatherly

  • Date published: 01 October 2010
  • Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
  • Format: Paperback, 512 pages
  • ISBN 13: 9781409521969  ISBN 10: 1409521966
  • Categories: Young Adult, Science Fiction
  • Goodreads / The Book Depository

Willow knows she’s different from other girls. And not just because she loves tinkering around with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into people’s futures, know their dreams, their hopes and their regrets, just by touching them. But she has no idea where she gets this power from.

But Alex does. Gorgeous, mysterious Alex knows Willow’s secret and is on a mission to stop her. The dark forces within Willow make her dangerous – and irresistible. In spite of himself, Alex finds he is falling in love with his sworn enemy.

Angel is a nice change of pace from the other angel-related novels available. In this book, the angels are the bad guys, sucking auric energy out of willing human beings.  There is an interesting motivation for the angels to migrate to Earth, and I hope the Crisis is explored further in the sequels. I also thought it was cool that the CIA is helping resist the angels, definitely one of the things I liked most.

I feel the book is largely driven by one character – Alex. I thought the story is narrated by him and was disappointed that it’s not. Alex is a memorable character because his background and experiences define him so well. He seems much more realistic than Willow, who is a well written character but bland. I feel she could have been grounded to her past much better to make her stand out, but she is initially painted as a generic YA heroine. There are a few shining moments with Willow, however, so the potential is there for her to become pretty awesome.

The plot is fast paced and flows well. I was never bored while reading Angel and felt that the lore was properly explained without being tedious. I was surprised at how quickly feelings developed between Willow and Alex, but was gratified to see they were at least realistic about it since they were being hunted down at the time.

Angel is a good read: engaging and fresh, with cool characters. I want to read the sequels and follow Alex and Willow’s adventures further, and recommend it to people who want something different from their paranormal romances.

L.A. Weatherly was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. She now lives with her husband in the UK, where she spends her days – and nights! – writing. She has written several novels for teenagers, including Child X, which was shortlisted for the Red House Children’s Book Award. Angel is the first in a stunning new trilogy of books. The second novel, Angel Fire was published in October 2011, and the final novel, Angel Fever, will be out in October 2012.

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