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For the love of books …

I thought I would share the status of my bookshelves with you. 

Today we put together the my second bookshelf here in Canberra, and I was very excited to put books into it. I decided I would dedicate the new bookshelf to my TBR (to-be-read) pile. As in, every book on the bookshelf hasn’t been read yet. LibraryThing tells me my TBR pile is at 84 books. Next to the shelf is my reading chair. I love it, it’s so big I can curl up on it, even sleep on it. (Being small has advantages.)

The other shelf I have holds my favourite books, which I need to have with me. It is a bigger version of the shelf above:

The rest of my substantial collection resides in my childhood bedroom at my mother’s house. Those shelves look somewhat like this, but with different books now:

And those are my beloved books and shelves. 

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